Your Injury is Unique!

Your Injury is Unique!

Auto Accidents & Work Injuries

Automobile Accidents usually result in trauma to the neck, but can also result in injuries to the low back, shoulders, or even the knee, elbow, or hip joint.

Neck injuries sustained in a automobile accident are usually referred to as whiplash, due to the violent nature of the sudden cervical distortion. This can result in damage to the ligaments and muscles of the neck and shoulder region.

Whiplash can cause damage to many structures, and in worst cases it can cause damage to spinal joints, discs, and nerves. These injuries should never be ignored as it can develop into chronic pain if not properly treated.

If you are injured in an automobile accident or work injury please contact us immediately to start treatment today! Waiting can result in development of adhesions in damaged tissue and require a longer treatment plan to resolve your injuries. Dr. Andersen will perform a thorough examination to locate and identify all the structures involved in your specific injury to provide the most effective treatment for your recovery.