Auto Accident Clinic

We have treated many people following motor vehicle & work related accidents, sports injuries, and injuries of unknown onset. Injuries in MVA’s can vary significantly, some are minor and some are much more severe. For this reason treatments at Andersen Chiropractic vary from case to case. Some patients receive 10-12 visits and some receive more than 30 visits. Treatments will consist of specific joint mobilization combined with specific stretching of tight muscles and fascia. You will be taught exercises and stretching if needed, to aid in your recovery. Many people never fully recover from MVA’s, don’t underestimate the extent of your injuries, CALL US TODAY!

Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic

We have encountered many sports injuries over the years. Athletes can be very determined and don’t always allow their bodies to rest, which can result in pain or injuries. At Andersen Chiropractic we welcome the challenge and look for the opportunity to work with you on improving your performance. Stretching and fitness advice will be given to aid in your recovery. If you have an ache or pain during or after training contact us today! Don’t allow your injury to spread or become worse because you think it will go away, CALL US TODAY!